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A Beginner’s Guide on Invisible or Ultraviolet (UV) Tattoos | Inked In Asia Tattoo Shop

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A Beginner’s Guide on Invisible or Ultraviolet (UV) Tattoos

Have you been planning to get inked? If yes, apart from scheduling appointment with a competent artist, who assures the best possible outcome under all circumstances; try choosing a proper style as well.

From among varied options readily available at present, UV (ultraviolet) tattoos, also called invisible tattoos, have acquired maximum recognition. They are not quite noticeable normally but glow when seen in black light. For details, please check out the given discussion right away.


  •  Skull is believed to be a rebel’s hallmark. Although usually symbolizes death, it could also stand for optimistic notions like protecting valuable possessions and overcoming obstacles.
  • Invisible tattooing style offers people with the opportunity to make a design interactive. Yoda, the famous figure of Star Wars movie franchise, when viewed under black light would look like attacking with a lightsaber.
  •  People are known for only carving the outline of their favourite superhero such as Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, etc., which looks elegant in the dark.
  •  Greek symbols are not only visually appealing but also profoundly connotative. For instance, Achilles, the strongest warrior of Greek mythology, represents protection, strength, patience, and courage.

As long as people get invisible tattoos from a reputed parlour that uses FDA approved inks, and strictly complies with safety protocols, they do not have to worry about anything. Everyone’s bodies react differently to various ingredients present in UV ink, so conducting a patch test beforehand helps. According to the latest research, invisible or UV tattoos might cause adverse reactions such as itching, rash, non-cancerous lumps, and blisters. Besides being painful, the area would generate heat.

Invisible tattoos are capable of retaining their brand-new lustre when the concerned wearer implements below-mentioned aftercare tips with utter diligence. Negligence can, unfortunately, pave the way for infections.

  •  Small designs do not require bandaging, but if a motif covers major portion of the body, then a wrap is highly essential to control bleeding and oozing. After three hours, people can remove it. Keeping the bandage on for overnight may cause extra crusting, which becomes difficult to get rid of.
  •  Scab formation is quite natural, but pulling or picking them can slow down the healing process to a great extent. If the skin is feeling excessively irritated, people can lightly pat or distract themselves altogether by listening to music, watching funny videos, sleeping, meditating, reading a book, etc.
  •  After taking the bandage off, wash the tattooed area with cool water and unscented soap. Heavily fragranced cleansers or the ones containing exfoliating beads must never be used. Also, when drying, use a soft clean cloth, but using a loofah or hard washcloth can distort the design.
  •  Apply medicated moisturiser because dryness does nothing but lengthen the time taken to recover. However, do not smear more than one coat because excessive product clogs pores and causes pimples. Many gentle lotions are found in the market; however, purchase any of them only after consulting an artist.

The aforementioned style is specifically considered ideal for people, who do not wish to invite embarrassing questions about their tattoos when working at office, attending a marriage ceremony, during a first date, etc., but reveal them only on special occasions, among close ones.

Even though maintenance is needless after few weeks, but always remember that motifs etched using UV ink fade because of prolonged sun exposure, improper hygiene, and dehydration.