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A Brief Discussion on 8 Immensely Painful Tattoo Spots

Have you been planning on getting a tattoo? If yes, besides scheduling an appointment with a credible artist, and choosing a visually appealing design that treasures profound connotation, you must also be aware of placement.

While certain body parts do not generate much discomfort, few such as head, elbow, inner thigh, face, etc. have compelled people to pass out from the pain in the past. For details, please check out below-mentioned pointers.

  1. Ribcage

Ribcage does not have muscle, fat, or skin; hence, you will feel sensation much more. Many wearers admitted soreness lasted consistently for about six hours. Top-notch professionals conducted thorough research and found out that this particular area is quite close to central nervous system, so, staying away from it seems viable.

  1. Head

Apart from lacking fatty cells and being a storehouse of million nerve endings, the vibration you can hear when tattooing your head makes everything utterly scary. It feels like someone is drilling skull. That being said, many cancer patients carve motifs on their head for recovering from hair loss.

  1. Inner Thigh

Although inner thigh has more flesh and less bone, still owing to being not exposed, thus, highly sensitive, it is believed to be one of the most painful locations. Also, tattoos here would not last much longer because inner thighs tend to rub against other parts of your leg.

  1. Hand

Hand tattoos have impressed a major segment of the population until now, but you must still shun this area for several reasons. The skin here is thin, bony, and replete with ligaments; thus, ink does not stick quite well. Booking for frequent touch-ups will, unfortunately, burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Eyeballs

Although several enthusiasts, for the sake of experimentation, consider tattooing their eyeballs, doing so have varied risks. Starting from retinal detachment to ongoing inflammation, you can even lose become blind permanently. For changing appearance of eyes safely, visit an ophthalmologist, and get coloured contact lenses.

  1. Armpit

It does sound strange, but several people get armpit tattoos. This can be immensely sore probably because axillary nerve along with plenty sensitive glands is located here. Also it will be quite embarrassing to raise your hands every time someone expresses the desire to see your precious artistic pieces.

  1. Neck

Neck tattoos look incredibly stylish, but they are not for people who cannot endure throbbing sensations, and faint even at slightest trigger. Besides irritation caused by movement of needles, the pain might spread from neck to back because cervical nerve is located here.

  1. Face

Finally, yet importantly, having your face tattooed is not a feasible idea since you cannot hide them under any circumstance. Makeup can hide a tiny design, but larger ones are hard to cover up. If you have an unsightly blemish, opt for laser resurfacing treatment without any hesitation.

Now that you know body parts to avoid especially if you are getting inked for the first time, or if you have low pain threshold, you are most probably wondering which areas to etch without sobbing in agony entire way through.

Well, anywhere above the ankle, and below knee is a great place, especially when individuals opt for side of calf muscle. Back, chest, thigh, hip, etc. have abundant muscular tissues, thus, offer cushioning against needles.