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Art of Body Branding – Trend You Must Not Miss

Tattooing has attained widespread recognition with several individuals from all across globe indulging in it to rejuvenate outer appearance, express suppressed emotions, rebel against society’s conventional notions, highlight significant aspects of character, and honour deceased family member or friend. However, in case you wish to adorn your body parts in a bit more adventurous way, try branding, where an ornamental pattern or symbol is burned into the skin.

For details, please go through given discussion right now.


Branding, in ancient times, is done to denote ownership, and/or as a form of punishment. Romans marked runaway slaves with letters FGV that means fugitive. Owing to committing a felony, criminals also have been suffering from a similar kind of fate since time immemorial.

Certain modifications have cultural significance based on how and where they are used. Several natives perceived branding to signify rites of passage such as puberty. Body brands also, at times treasure political and social connotations.

Branding is also intrinsically associated with spiritual awakening. Latest research has shown that enduring pain paves the way for an intensified state of mindfulness.


Branding can be categorised into three types, and each has impressed a major segment of the population in some way or other.

  • Striking is much more safe than other two specified in this particular list. Strips of hot stainless steel are placed to etch a permanent design.


  • Electrocautery is immensely risky, and typical shops usually do not perform it. Here surgical equipment is heated up to 2000°F, causing third-degree burns.


  • Electrosurgery bears a close resemblance to electrocautery, but the medical gear uses electricity instead of heat to fabricate a motif.

If you want to undertake this procedure, striking will be the best choice.


Anytime you break the skin, you have chance of getting infection. Healing scars inflicted by branding require special care. The concerned artist would apply a medicated ointment, and cover affected area with a plastic wrap. This would prevent access to airborne bacteria.

  • Remove the plastic wrap after 24 hours and allow the skin to breathe.


  • Wash using cool water and mild cleanser every day.


  • Smear a thin coat of plain petroleum jelly or antibiotic cream found in the market.


  • Do not use fragranced cosmetics as they can exacerbate irritation to a great extent.


  • Avoid venturing out in the sun because ultraviolet radiation can harm.


  • Swimming is also off-limits. Submerging freshly branded skin in chlorinated water increases the risks of allergies.


  • Finally, yet importantly, never prick blisters or pick scabs. This unnecessarily slows the recovery process. If an area is itching too much, try distracting yourself, or pat it gently.

Seek medical assistance immediately if reactions such as pus release, redness, inflammation, and warmth do not subside after two weeks or so.

While some enjoy ecstatic dopamine production, many have admitted to pass out, or experience breathing impediments during branding. If you faint when in pain, take a step back.

Now from among diverse options available, choose a competent practitioner, who uses disinfected equipment, and comply with internationally recognised hygiene standards. Carry out a thorough background check prior to scheduling an appointment.