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Embroidery Tattoos – The Trend in the Making

Many modern-day individuals are lately getting inked to rejuvenate outer appearance, express suppressed emotions, rebel against society’s age-old notions, and honour deceased family member or friend.

Are you planning on doing the same? If yes, besides scheduling an appointment with a talented artist, choose the proper style as well. Embroidery tattoo has attained extensive popularity in recent times. For details, please check out given discussion right now.

A New Type of Three-Dimension

An embroidery tattoo aims at creating the hyper-realistic illusion of any three-dimensional image. If done in the right way, they look like some craft patch stitched directly onto the skin.

While several clients bring photo or fabric so that concerned practitioner can recreate and replicate in a seamless manner, you can also customise well-known designs as per your requirements. Never research, hurriedly! Rather than paying attention towards colour scheme, try being aware of outlines, which generate the desired effect.


Although diverse options are readily available, nature-inspired ones look best when embroidered. Flowers and animals stand to be great subject because their patterns are outright hypnotic.

  • Rose symbolises undying hope, stability, brand-new beginnings, etc. Adding a thorny stem contribute to additional connotations like loss, thoughtlessness, and defense. Every shade has great importance. For instance, a red rose means love, yellow friendship, black bereavement, and white peace.


  • Lotus is religiously significant. According to Buddhist belief, this particular flower represents purity even when it grows in mud. Hindus, on the other hand, consider lotus an epitome of divine beauty. Its unfolding leaves could be utilised for denoting spiritual awakening or expansion of the soul.


  • Orchids treasure a wide range of meanings in different cultures. For example, the Japanese associate this breathtaking flower with the bravery of warriors. In China, the orchid is intrinsically tied to fertility, refinement, and prosperity. When searching for such design, the chances of getting one that fits your needs without hassle are quite high.


  • Butterfly is incredibly captivating. It also symbolises transformation from something ordinary to surprisingly special. The insect struggles for a major portion of its life as a caterpillar and then weaves its beauty inside a cocoon. Christians believe butterflies to represent resurrection or rebirth of Jesus.


  • Two common meanings of a tiger tattoo are strength and power. Owing to being a top predator, it can allow people to highlight their free-spirited nature. Now isn’t that absolutely great? Along with such positive connotations, at times tiger tattoo is also utilised for symbolising vengeance, danger, and punishment.


  • Elephant tattoos are exceptionally majestic. They are usually embroidered on spacious body parts like chest, back, abdomen, thigh, etc. In addition to prosperity and fortune, this particular animal’s role in nature has let it embody a varied of other aspects, namely power, wisdom, longevity, and dignity.

Cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Simba, etc. would also look exceptional in patchwork.

Worlds Collide

Embroidery tattoo is a perfect amalgamation of two worlds. On the surface level, it feels quite trendy and something which younger generation would prefer but on delving deeper, you would see it is firmly attached to the past. Many people learn from their grandparents how exactly to stitch ornamental patterns on a piece of cloth. With embroidery tattoos, they can recall those fond memories.

Finally, yet importantly, remember several sessions are needed for successfully completing an embroidery tattoo. If you can sit through the entire duration, your pain tolerance must be applauded.