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Flash Tattoos – Momentary Tattoos that Look Like Jewellery

Inked In Asia Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket ThailandHave you ever thought of what you would get by combining the bling of jewellery with the pleasure of transitory tattoos? Temporary tattoos that look like jewellery!

Flash tattoos have emerged as one of the biggest inspirations or driving force for the rising popularity of commitment-less metallic ink designs – undoubtedly, it is a whole new concept of taking accessorizing to the next level.

Flash tattoos have been a hot trend during summer. It allows you wear jewellery without actually wearing it. The best part is – whether you are on vacation, at a poolside party, concert or even beach-side, you don’t have to worry about stealing.

Check out this piece to get an educational guide on these modern-day tattoos along with insights on how to apply as well as remove them.

Inked In Asia Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket ThailandThe Way It Works

First thing first, flash tattoos are ideal for those who fear tattoos needles. Unlike real tattoos, professionals do not make use of pointed needles and are very easy to apply. All it needs is oil-free, dry, clean skin a wet cloth along with the capacity to be seated quietly for less than a minute.

Just like conventional tattoos, the artists place the design face down on the skin, holding the wet cloth beside the tattoo as well as the skin for 30 seconds – Voila! You are all good to go! Once the flash tattoo has been applied, it is better not to touch, fold or curve the skin for almost 15-30 minutes to let the flash tattoo set.

Inked In Asia Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket Thailand

For How Long they Last?

This goes for everything – the better you treat your flash tat, the longer it will last. What is more important in damaging is to avoid applying or using sunscreen, oils, soap as well as any other products around the area of the design as it may degrade the quality of the adhesive. Of course, sunscreen is significant to protect sunburn, but it is better not to use it frequently with flash tattoos.


Pain-Free Way to Remove It

If you see that the design is losing its metallic lustre, you have simple removal application. Use baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil and soak the skin for a minute and scrub it off. Isn’t it simple?

Inked In Asia Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket Thailand

Hand sanitizer can also be used to remove these tattoos. Make sure to apply a thin layer of lotion to pacify the skin. When exposed to sunlight, you might notice a spot left behind from the tattoo. Well, these could be another cool feature for these tattoos.

Inked In Asia Tattoo Studio Patong Phuket Thailand

Final Note

Like it or not, flash tattoos can cause tan lines. It might look cool or freaky, and it entirely depends on the design of the tattoo, how well you tan, and most importantly, where it is placed.  Don’t worry; you have got a name for tan line effect – Flash Tans.