Inked In Asia’s Tattoo Hygiene Policy

Our tattoo artists carry out procedures that involves penetration of the skin. Everyone is aware that ‘skin penetration’ carries a risk of infection. Inked in Asia’s Tattoo hygiene procedures follow the highest standards of western practices and guidelines.

Tattoo Hygiene

Procedures that involve skin penetration carry a greater risk of spreading infections due to microorganisms (germs). These can quite easily enter the body via the skin when the needle enter the skin and the skin is broken. Inked in Asia always uses brand new, sterile and clean needles. Sterile packaging is always opened just prior to starting the tattoo. Inked in Asia always make sure the client witnesses the artist open a fresh needle each and every time, because of this risk, needles MUST NEVER be reused. Equipment that is difficult to clean or sterilize, should only be used once and then thrown away (single-use only) .

All equipment in the studios is in good working order and is cleaned and dried after use and be kept in a clean and dry condition.

On occasions where a topical anesthetic preparation is desired by the client, Inked in Asia has no objection to the client purchasing the product of their choice from a local pharmacy and bringing it to the Inked in Asia studio. This product will then only be applied or used for that client. Inked in Asia cannot under any circumstances supply a topical anesthetic cream.

To prevent the spread of infection, the following requirements are implemented with Inked in Asia’s artists so they adopt good infection control practices:

  • Inked in Asia is registered with the local authority on tattoo hygiene and safety regulations.
  • The studio is set up in a fashion that makes cleaning easy and thorough and cleaning of Inked in Asia studio continues throughout the working day.
  • Inked in Asia protects each bed, chair and arm rest with disposable wrap. This is easy to wipe down during breaks times and the wrap is replaced for every client.
  • Inked in Asia studio lighting is more than sufficient to highlight any foreign objects that need to be removed that may pose a threat to infection.
  • Inked in Asia has adequate airflow as to avoid stagnant air. Fans and large air conditioning units are utilized when necessary.

Inked in Asia’s tattoo hygiene includes:

  1. A wash basin in the treatment area
  2. Single use hand towels or paper towels as required
  3. Liquid soap and alcohol if needed
  4. Disposable gloves for artists
  5. A sharp objects bin for disposing of needles safely

Artists hands are always washed

  • before and after attending a client
  • before and after a procedure
  • after exposure to a body substance
  • after touching a clients surroundings and
  • after the removal of gloves

Inked In Asia’s Phuket Team

Khun Boy
Tattoo Artist
Khun Aun
Tattoo Artist
Khun P’Jane
Bamboo Tattoo Artist
Khun Kris
Tattoo Shop Assistant
Khun Aus
Tattoo Shop Assistant
Khun Ploy
Tattoo Shop Assistant