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Khun Otto

About Khun Otto | Tattoo Artist

“i first got into art from watching the Manga Cartoons from Japan when i was young, i loved to watch these. I used to try and find the comics also for the art work inside. I used to draw the carton characters and thats when i began to art. Mainly just pencil drawings ”

” I studied art in school but i wasn’t a very good boy i used to go hang out with friends and go shopping but my love for art was still strong but school wasn’t for me”

” the first time i did a tattoo was about 12 years ago, i practiced on my friend. He wanted a dragons head on his chest so it looked like it was biting his nipple and the dragon was to go around the back of his neck and down to his other nipple. I made a very good drawing Japanese style ready for this tattoo. When i began to start the tattoo on my friend he said he was in a lot of pain and he asked for the dragon to be smaller and when i finished the dragon was only half the size. He never came back to get it finished”

“My favorite tattoo………er…… i don’t have a ‘best’ tattoo. Sometimes i’m happy to do this tattoo or that tattoo. I cant really say what is favorite because my job every time is different i just want to get better. Sometimes a realistic face or tribal or Japanese styles, every time is different so i cant say which is my best or favorite. I just want to keep getting better and better”

” Since i have came to Phuket i’m still studying water colour painting and canvas painting, i spend a couple of months on each piece of art, my art never really stops”

“Since Photoshop has come in to my life it makes my job so much easier. I throw away my pencils now and use Photoshop so much more. It used to take my hours to draw up a design but it takes minutes now on the computer. I really love Photoshop”.

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