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The Cyborg Tattoo Artist!

Some people may view having one arm as a hindrance, and we understand why. This hasn’t hindered JC Sheitan Tenet. The Frenchman from Lyon has not only adapted to living with one arm but has thrived with his cyborg tattoo arm!

The One Armed Tattoo Artist Showing Off His Prosthetic Arm

JC lost his right arm as a young boy and was left no real options other than to draw with his left hand and he carried on with his art until he started tattooing with his left hand. Then, along came French artist JL Gonzal who created this great looking prosthetic for JC. The design was intended to look the way it is, its not trying to masquerade as a real arm, it is a full on Steampunk arm (or designed to appear that way). It even includes old typewriter parts.

The One Armed Tattoo Artist Looking At The Camera

JC can produce amazing detailed tattoos with his cyborg add-on but although it looks truly awesome it can be laborious to clean so he only uses it every so often

Whatever your thought are on this, we think its awesome.