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Top 3 Ground-breaking Tattoo Trends You Must Give a Try

Have you been planning on getting a tattoo? Many individuals are doing the same lately to rejuvenate outer appearance, express suppressed emotions, rebel against conventional notions of society, and honour a deceased family member or friend.  Well, apart from scheduling an appointment with a proficient artist, who assures optimal outcome without inflicting much pain, choose a proper design also. Few popular trends include:

  1. Colour Changing Tattoos

A talented team of German scientists has manufactured three types of tattoo dyes that tend to change colour based on health markers present in human blood.

The first one acts in accordance with the pH level. It changes between blue and yellow in case blood is acidic. For a fit person, tattoo dye would always be dark green. The second dye responds to altering glucose levels by appearing bold to light green.

It has largely contributed to diabetes management. The third type moves in-between shades of blue and depends on albumin content. It benefits people who might suffer from kidney failure and liver toxicity.

Until now, these dyes have been tested only on pig skin inside the laboratory under obviously regulated conditions. Whether it will work well on living human body parts or not is still a matter of speculation. Top-notch professionals are still finding answers to below-mentioned questions:

  • Would colour changing tattoos look good on all complexions?
  • Can ink still be seen in varied light situations?
  • Would they be able to notice even minor variations in blood levels?
  • Are colour changing tattoos permanent and safe?


  1. Disappearing Tattoos

Disappearing tattoos are best for people who love this particular procedure but is not quite a fan of etching their bodies permanently. Several well-established brands have innovated techniques through which they can adorn their bodies for one, four, or six years. Although applied naturally, nobody would ask, ‘will that design look good when you have grandchildren?’

That being said, get thoroughly acquainted with varied downsides. For example, disappearing tattoos might last a tad bit longer or shorter than stipulated period. And their outlook unfortunately also get worse.


  1. Stitching Tattoos

Skin stitching tattooing style has been around since time immemorial but gained acknowledgment only in recent times. A needle and thread soaked in ink are used for fabricating breathtaking stitching patterns. Two disadvantages of stitching tattoos is that they are excruciatingly painful, and most artists have not yet mastered the method.

Taking care of stitching tattoos also stands to be quite challenging. They do not heal quickly, and people admitted receiving final result only after a month or so. Beneficial tips like,

  • Stay away from swimming
  • Do not venture out in the sun
  • Resist the temptation to scratch, pull, and pick scabs
  • Always keep affected area moist. Smear a thin layer of medicated lotion, coconut oil, or petroleum jelly

In addition to the ones specified above, 3D designs have also managed to impress a major segment of the population until now. Appropriate Audiences, a renowned French company, converted traditional printer into mechanical tattoo machine called Tatoué. Although it has still not outperformed skills of a human artist, tech lovers simply went crazy over this innovation. If you are an enthusiast, consider trying out right away.