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Top Five Tattoos that Look Good Even When You are Old

Getting inked, even though is a lasting decision, can pave the way for all kinds of different outcomes with the course of time. Some tattoos may seem cool now but change severely over time, and this can be exasperating if you are not prepared, while few would remain exact, or become more vibrant as you age. For example, tattoos etched in low friction zones namely forearm, thigh, shoulder, and back linger for a prolonged period even with little maintenance. To know more, consider going through the rest of this discussion.


  1. Tattoos that are Cared For

A tattoo will look gorgeous even when you grow old if you take care of it, and let it heal properly. If you get careful now, your future self will surely thank you. Besides not picking, pulling, and scratching the affected area, please implement the below-mentioned beneficial tips under all circumstances.

  • Wash brand-new tattoos with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Doing so would remove excess colour, blood, and plasma.


  • Apply a thin coat of medicated lotion because it is mandatory to keep the freshly etched body part moist. Do not go overboard with the product; otherwise you will end up clogging the pores.


  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation and chlorinated water because both can, unfortunately, distort tattoos.


  1. Tattoos on the Correct Layer of the Skin

Scheduling appointment with a proficient and credible artist is essential because whether or not your tattoos will age without any hassle depends largely on his or her skill. The best artists can carve designs on the correct layer of the skin called epidermis and is only one millimetre thick. If the ink penetrates deep inside, it will blowout, and your tattoo will look sloppy.


  1. Large Tattoos

A tattoo does not need to encompass an entire body part, but it should be big enough to not fade on its own, and give room for touch-ups. If a tattoo has small details, they all will be lost after some time because the cells move and change. When the design is large, there is much more space for displacement. In other words, no matter how much the skills cells shift places, a large tattoo will still be readable.


  1. Bold Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos have impressed a major segment of the population, but the tattoos that hold onto their aesthetic appearance without any hassle are immensely bold. Dark texts or traditional tattooing style are believed to be best, but in case they are not really up your alley, ask your artist to incorporate darker lines or plenty negative space into the theme you have chosen.


  1. Tattoos that are not subjected to sunlight

You do not need to avoid sunlight or stop venturing out during the daytime after getting tattoos but make sure to protect them from the harmful UV rays. Designs etched on the outer collarbone, back, nape of neck, hips, thighs, etc. age seamlessly because they are not subjected to sunlight, and remain hidden for most of the time.

No one etches a design on their skin after thinking about what exactly would happen to it after ten, twenty, or forty years from now. However, if you are planning on changing your body permanently, you must be acquainted with the impact of aging.


Remember the ink also has a major role to play. Several senior citizens admitted that their tattoos fared well because the artist used inks containing original mineral or vegetable-based pigments. Anything with plastic is radioactive or in other way toxic, hence, notoriously risky.