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Ultraviolet And Black Light Tattoos

Ultraviolet Tattoos or black light tattoos are specially made inks using specific dyes that glow visibly under an ultraviolet or black light.

Depending upon the ink chosen A UV tattoo can be almost invisible but comes to life when illuminated only by light within the visible spectrum. They have become a popular trend with people seeking a more subtle tattoo. UV tattoos are particularly popular in the raver subculture for their distinctive appearance.

Ultraviolet Hand Tattoo

Getting a black light tattoo isn’t so different than a regular tattoo, although the order in which the ink is administered is fairly important. The darker inks like black are usually tattooed first and the UV ink last. Simply because if the darker ink seeps into the UV ink it will permanently damage the overall look and illumination of the tattoo.

UV inks do not blend, as normal inks do, during the tattoo application. Their consistency is thinner than regular inks. It’s advisable that only experienced tattooists should apply UV tattoos, and should have a black light available to help check their work especially if tattooing with an ink intended to be invisible under normal lighting conditions. Due to these complications UV inking takes longer than when using conventional inks.