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Vegan Tattoo Anyone?

Tattoos are a wonderful avenue of expressing self-identity, however,  it can be very challenging to really commit to new tattoo ink if you follow a vegan lifestyle – as so many tattoo inks include animal by-products in their ingredients.

Image Of Fusion Ink Vegan Ink Range

Fortunately, as tattoos are now established as mainstream and artists still continue to experiment with designs and new techniques, getting a vegan tattoo has also become a reality – it just requires a little extra research. Even then, there are still risks vegans should bear in mind.


Many non-vegan tattoo inks can contain anything from bone char, used to increase pigment, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or insect parts. So this can be a massive ‘NO NO’ for many with a vegan persuasion.

A Vegan Sign Tattoo Style Image


Items like soaps, razors, ointment and even the paper some tattoo artists use can and may use animal products.

Many tattoo studios are forward thinking and like to cater for the masses and therefore the studio would advertise the fact they use vegan inks. After all its a service that only few provide. Also the artists are generally proud of the fact they, themselves move with the times and would generally offer up product names for the curious vegans should they wish.Vegan Tattoo On Women's Face


Vegan ink tattoos heal in the same amount of time as regular tattoo ink tattoos so there is no concern with using a different product. As for the aftercare of a vegan tattoo, it is important to look for a brand that sells a cruelty-free, vegan product – as many tattoo aftercare products also contain lanolin or beeswax.